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Bike Servicing and Repair

From simple puncture repairs and small adjustments, right through to wheel building, full strip downs and rebuilds. Whatever you need, we’ve got the tools and the know-how to do it. And whether it’s overhauling your mountain bike rear linkage and suspension, servicing your Campagnolo drivetrain or repairing an old Sturmey Archer hub, every job gets the same attention and care – and quality results every time.
Our Servicing Plans

We appreciate that everyone has a different budget for their bike. So we’ll always give you an honest assessment, chatting through the details and giving you a detailed quote before we start any work.

Our service options and some of our most commonly asked for repairs are listed below.

eBikes and cargo bikes

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We service and repair eBikes and cargo bikes too…

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Holy Moly

Basic level service

A clean, check and tune-up. Ideal if your bike has been sitting in the shed for a little while, or if you’re about to take on a long ride or a sportive.

Basic level service£55
  • Basic clean.
  • A visual check of the frame and fork.
  • Check and adjust brakes.
  • Check and tune gears.
  • Lubricate chain.
  • Check wheels and tyres for wear and correct inflation.
  • Bearings (headset, hubs, bottom bracket) checked for free movement. External adjustments made.
  • Seatpost cleaned and appropriately greased or treated (depending on the materials of the frame and seatpost).
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Holy Spokes

Regular service

A more in-depth service of your bike. Significant parts are removed from the bike, cleaned, carefully checked and adjusted to ensure they are in good working order and operate smoothly. Both wheels are removed, spoke tensions checked and trued.

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If necessary, we’ll advise on and replace any components which are worn out or damaged.

It’s advisable to undertake this kind of service every 8-12 months if you use your bike on a regular basis, or every 1500-2000 miles (or if your bike has been in the shed for a really long time!).

A Holy Spokes service also includes a 50% discount on headset and hub services if your bike needs any additional work while it’s in the workshop.

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Regular service (and our most popular)£95 + Parts
  • Bike cleaned.
  • Brakes carefully checked and adjusted.
  • Gear components removed from bike, fully cleaned, checked for wear and reinstalled.
  • Bottom bracket removed, checked for wear and greased. Cartridge, external, and frame fit (BB30, PF86/92 etc) bottom brackets will be checked and can be replaced if needed.
  • Wheels removed, hubs checked for smooth and free movement.
  • Wheel condition assessed, spoke tension measured and wheels trued.
  • Seatpost cleaned and appropriately greased or treated (depending on the materials of the frame and seatpost).
  • Headset checked and adjusted for smooth and free movement.
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Holy Grail

Premium service

Your bike will be stripped all the way back to the frame and given a complete overhaul. Brake pads, brake cables, gear cables and ball bearings are included in the service price.*

Premium service£169.99 + Parts
  • Bike stripped back to frame.
  • Frame checked for damage and wear, then cleaned.
  • Includes comprehensive frame preparation where appropriate: headset reamed and faced, bottom bracket faced and threads cleaned, all other threads re-tapped and cleaned.
  • Disc brake mounts faced.
  • Hubs disassembled, checked, greased and rebuilt. Bearings replaced.
  • Wheel condition assessed, spoke tension measured and wheels trued.
  • Bottom bracket removed, checked, greased and rebuilt.
  • Headset removed, checked, greased and rebuilt.
  • All components checked for wear, cleaned and reassembled.
  • Brakes carefully checked and adjusted. Brake blocks and cables replaced.
  • Gear components removed from bike, fully cleaned, checked for wear and reinstalled. Gear cables replaced.
  • Tyres checked and inflated. Inner tubes and rim tape replaced if needed.

* Please note that some disc brake pads and cartridge bearings will be charged at a 20% discount rather than free. Please check with us on booking the service or when your bike comes into the workshop.

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Custom Services

As well as our main services, we also offer a wide range of cost-effective bike and component repairs and services. Here’s the price list for some of our most popular services. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll be happy to quote for the work you need done.

Puncture repair: from £22.50
Inner tube replaced. Wheel and tyre checked for debris and damage, rim tape replaced if needed. Wheel fitted to bike and tyre inflated.

Tubeless tyre install, single wheel: from £20 + Parts
Tyre sealant included in the price. Tubeless tape and valves charged as parts.

Wheel hub service: from £22.50 + parts
Strip and rebuild single wheel hub. New bearings are included free for conventional cup-and-cone hubs.

Wheel true, re-tension or repair: from £20

Wheel build: from £48 + parts
Our charge for wheel building is based on a typical road or mountain bike wheel up to 36 spokes. Additional charges might apply to more unusual or time-consuming wheels.

Shimano internally geared hub lubrication: from £35
For Shimano Alfine or Nexus Hub internals. Only Shimano lubricants used.

Hydraulic Brake Bleed: from £22.50 per brake

Sturmey Archer hub repair or overhaul: £40+
Prices start at £40 for common 3-speed Sturmey Archer hubs. Prices will vary depending on the hub model.

Frame preparation and repair
Our workshop is equipped for a range of frame preparation tasks and repairs. These are charged at an hourly rate of £44.


  • Headset facing.
  • Headset reaming.
  • Bottom bracket facing.
  • Bottom bracket tapping – Italian thread and English thread.
  • Tapping threads across frame.
  • Bottle cage mounts repair and installation.

Please get in touch for more information.

Headset or bottom bracket service/replacement: from £25 + parts
Strip and rebuild or completely replace headset or Bottom bracket. Bearings are included free for any headset/BB using caged or loose bearings.

Suspension pivot bearings replacement
Pivot bearing replacement is charged at hour hourly rate, plus the cost of bearings/components.

Dropper seatpost bleed or re-cable: from £22.50
Fluid for hydraulic dropper posts and cables for cable operated dropper posts included

Replace or wrap handlebar tape: from £15 + parts

Install full-length or race mudguard set: from £20 + parts

Custom builds
We like a challenge and enjoy the odd creative opportunity. If you’re looking to build a bike, put together something retro, or design your perfect high spec ride, talk to us about making that happen.

Any work not listed will be undertaken at our hourly rate of £44.

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