Two Man Bicycle Store
Mini Services, Special Jobs and Custom Work

Below is a breakdown of some of the other services we offer.


Puncture Repair: £15

Inner tube replaced. Wheel and tyre checked for debris and damage, rim tape replaced if needed. Wheel fitted to bike and tyre inflated. 

Tubeless Tyre Install, single wheel: £20 + Parts 

Tyre sealant included in the price. Tubeless tape and valves charged as parts. 

Wheel Hub Service: £22.50 + parts

Strip and rebuild single wheel hub. New bearings are included free for conventional cup-and-cone hubs. 

Wheel True, Re-tension or Repair: from £20

Wheel Build: £48 + parts

Our charge for wheel building is based on a typical road or mountain bike wheel up to 36 spokes. Additional charges might apply to more unusual or time consuming wheels. 



Shimano Internally Geared Hub Lubrication: £35

For Shimano Alfine or Nexus Hub internals. Only Shimano lubricants used. 

Hydraulic Brake Bleed: £22.50 per brake

Sturmey Archer Hub Repair or Overhaul: £40+

Prices start at £40 for common 3 speed Sturmey Archer hubs. Prices will vary depending on the hub model.



Frame Preparation and Repair

Our workshop is equipped for a range of frame preparation tasks and repairs. These are charged at an hourly rate (see below).


Headset facing

Headset reaming

Bottom bracket facing

Bottom bracket tapping - Italian thread and English thread

Tapping threads across frame

Bottle cage mounts repair and installation 

Please get in touch for more information.

Headset or Bottom Bracket Service/Replacement: £25 + parts

Strip and rebuild or completely replace headset or Bottom bracket. Bearings are included free for any headset/BB using caged or loose bearings

Suspension pivot bearings replacement

Pivot bearing replacement is charged at hour hourly rate, plus the cost of bearings/components. 


Dropper Seatpost Bleed or Re-cable: £22.50

Fluid for hydraulic dropper posts and cables for cable operated dropper posts included 

Replace or Wrap Handlebar Tape: £15 + parts

Install Full-Length or Race Mudguard Set: £20 + parts

Custom Builds 

We like a challenge and enjoy the odd creative opportunity. If you are looking to build a bike, or put together something retro, or design your perfect high spec ride; talk to us about making that happen. 

Any work not listed will be undertaken at our hourly rate of £44