General Service

£85 + Parts 

A more in depth service of your bike.


Significant parts are removed from the bike, cleaned, carefully checked and adjusted to ensure they are in good working order and operate smoothly. Both wheels are removed, spoke tensions checked and trued.


If necessary we will advise on and replace any components which are worn out or damaged.


It’s advisable to undertake this kind of service every 8-12 months if you use your bike on a regular basis, or every 1500-2000 miles (or if your bike has been in the shed for a really long time!). 

A General Service also includes 50% discount on headset and hub services if your bike needs any additional work while it is in the workshop. 

  • Bike cleaned 

  • Brakes carefully checked and adjusted

  • Gears fully degreased, checked for wear and adjusted 

  • Bottom bracket removed, checked for wear and greased. Cartridge, external, and frame fit (BB30, PF86/92 etc) bottom brackets will be checked and can be replaced if needed. 

  • Wheels removed, hubs checked for smooth and free movement. 

  • Wheels checked for spoke tension and trued 

  • Seat-post cleaned and appropriately greased or treated (depending on materials of frame and seatpost). 

  • Headset checked and adjusted for smooth and free movement.