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A fantastically versatile, reliable and stylish family cargo bike. If you are looking for an electric cargo bike there are some compelling reasons to consider a Bike43.
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From carrying children to transporting cargo; a wide range of build options and accessories allow you adapt a Bike43 to your lifestyle. The carefully designed frame gives plenty of space for children and luggage, while also being compact and streamlined enough to comfortably navigate city streets.

A smaller rear wheel and clever frame design mean that Bike43 has a low centre of gravity and an effective weight distribution across the bike. This makes the bike easier to balance and amazingly stable, both when moving and when stationary.

A larger front wheel ensures stress free handling and helps to create a comfortable riding experience. It even gives a little bit of extra help getting the bike up and down curbs.

The Bosch Cargoline motor gives consistently brilliant performance. It’s sensitive enough to make pulling away from lights a breeze – even on hills – and provides bags of power for hauling heavy loads and tackling even the steepest hills. The Bosch Smart System allows you to adapt the performance of the motor to suit your environment.

Frames are handbuilt in Europe and come with a lifetime guarantee. Components and accessories are all selected with an eye on quality and reliability – Bike43 is a robust family bike intended for daily use and built to last.

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“When it comes to family transportation, it’s all about reliability to make sure you meet your deadlines every day. Our full focus for the bike design has been to make it a low-maintenance quality bike that can survive very intensive usage. If you want to replace a car, you better build it at least as strong!”

Etienne, Founder of Bike 43

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